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[caption id="attachment_2399" align="aligncenter" width="215"] I want my hair to be this color[/caption]

Raika and Cisu were both spayed about six months ago, and I'm dealing with "spay coat" for the first time.  Instead of shedding out, the dead undercoat sticks to their topcoat and mats up.  Getting wet makes the problem worse, and since they live in the pool I had two matted dogs before I even knew they were shedding.

Several people suggested that I try the Best Shot Ultra Max grooming products to get them cleaned up.  Being all about a quick fix, I whipped out my credit card and bought shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray.  In the meantime, I used a shedding rake for an hour a day until I had both dogs in relatively good shape.

My new products came; how exciting!  Within two hours, I had two adult dogs fluffed and puffed.  They looked incredible! Better than I ever remember.

Now I have two dogs with pristine coats; shiny and thick.  And the!  Their red hair just glowed.

I was a little jealous.  My hair is not inspired hair.  My dogs had inspired hair and I wanted some.


Bright highlights? shine?  Soft?

Why not?

Off to the shower I went.  Not very sudsy so I added a bit more.  Good; better.

Rinses easily.

Now for the conditioner.  Not too slippery and easy to rinse.  I opted against the recommended five minute wait - I really don't want to shed what little hair I have.

Towel dry.  Relieved to see hair still on my head and not on the towel.  Passed on the finishing spray; it's down in the barn and I don't much want to run out there naked to get it.

Blow dry.   Fluffy!  Soft!  Fast to dry!

Next time you see me, go ahead and touch my hair.  Tell me what you think.



Years ago I went to a Bichon specialty, at the cocktail greeting party, I got many comments on my hair and how shiney and healthy it looked. I used Cowboy Magic on it.. which I also used on my dogs.

Ann Dahlin

The Cowboy Magic line of hair products sold at grocery stores and drug stores are actually horse products. Not surprising, since the name is Cowboy Magic afterall. Horse people were so happy with using their products too, they began selling their line for people.

About 20 years ago, I bought a gallon of very simple, basic, dog shampoo. Nothing fancy and you couldn’t beat the price. I used it on my dogs one time and then the rest I used myself. It was incredibly economical and worked great.

As for human hair, nothing beats some highlighting to add a little something extra to blah hair. That, and using the hair dryer and some hair clips to uplift the whole look for those times when it’s not all about dog activities.

Let us know if people start walking up to you and touching your hair at dog shows!


Yep, this was actually about 20 years ago that I used it. I bought it on line from a tack shop. I now don’t use the leave in conditioner as I am allergic to it, but still use the shampoo.

Connie Kaplan

You are hilarious!

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