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Denise Fenzi
02 Apr

No More Obility???!!!

Posted by dfenzi in Musings

There is a dog trainer who has been using the term "Obility" as her business name in California for many years, and she doesn't think much of my use of that term.

Obility is the term I've been using to describe a blend of obedience and agility.  Under the heading of Obility I include "heeling games" and a series of Obility classes that I had planned to teach online at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  You can read more about Obility at:  http://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/index.php/obility-courses

Regardless of whether she has a claim to block my use of the word, if no more Obility....then what?

I'm rather attached to the term, but if there is to be a change then this is the time.  I've taught relatively few Obility classes and seminars, and it's not widely known.  Yet.  I'd like to see it take off as a "typical" way of training a dog to understand the obedience exercises.

So, I'm looking for a bit of assistance here.  Some alternatives that have been proposed include:  Obedience Games, Fenzility, Fenzi Obility, Fenzobility, Fenzibility, Fobility, Agilience or For God's Sakes Relax And Have Fun Training Your Dog.

What do you think?  Go ahead and give me your thoughts in the "comments" section.  I'll go through and pick the ones I like the best for a vote.

Remember that the fundamental parts of Obility are the traditional obedience exercises taught with, speed, movement, and unpredictability.  Obility is designed to reduce reward schedules, speed up the rate of learning and virtually eliminate anticipation or boredom.

So...what do I call THAT?

Thanks in advance.


This is funny… I just got turned on to your site and was thinking I wish there was something out there for training a pup obedience and agililty. “Obility”, I like it… So FenziObility it is…

Posted by Kat Balue on April 15, 2013

“Fenzi Techniks”……….
“Fenzi Motivations”………

Posted by Nancy on April 15, 2013

The lady still may complain . It’s like a person saying they are coming to start a computer company and the computer will be called Green Apple ?!

Posted by Roz Merryman on April 15, 2013

Mobedience (Mobility/Obedience) and it also signifies “more (better) obedience.”

Posted by elbeepem on April 18, 2013

NO matches on google for this name !

Posted by Roz Merryman on April 12, 2013

Love this!!!

Posted by Cristin Hardy Larson on April 12, 2013

Fenzility or Obilizi

Posted by Cindy Cerne on April 11, 2013


Posted by Roz Merryman on April 12, 2013

What Marcia said—unless she has registered the term, anyone else can use it. Whether you want the hassle of arguing with her about it is another matter.

Posted by Carolyn on April 06, 2013

Funzility! :)

Posted by guardyank on April 06, 2013

Personally, I like “Fenzility”. It’s you and it sounds fast and unique.

Posted by Michael Burkey on April 07, 2013

This will be very difficult ! I like agileobedience , but I looked it up & it’s already taken , with a / In between the words . Flash Drive is taken by a computer company ! It’s going to be hard to be original but I’m sure there’s a good idea out there some where .

Posted by Roz Merryman on April 05, 2013

Mobility (movement, obedience, agility)

Posted by Ellen on April 06, 2013


Posted by cooperandjenny on April 06, 2013

Yes. “Obility” is good, but I think you can do even better, avoid any confusion, and create something really distinctive — something that conveys what your philosophy and style without being cutesy (apologies to fans of Fenzibility and others of that ilk). Besides, hyphens just make things more complicated.

Posted by Marcia in NorCal on April 04, 2013

I love Flash Drive but I think, marketing-wise, it is most clear if the word contains both Agility and Obedience.I vote for Agilience.

Posted by Morgan on April 05, 2013

Since creative randomization is also another term for Art ,,, what about ," Artistic K9s "
After all art is about self expression , with no boundaries , for pure fun & enjoyment !

Posted by Roz Merryman on April 04, 2013

I tried to keep an open mind but obility just sticks, I vote for the hyphen:)

Posted by Vickie on April 04, 2013

Amen,,,, I would want a name that is

distinctively different !

Posted by Roz Merryman on April 03, 2013

Fenzilli, like fusilli pasta – symbolically the Spiral –
the arrangement that the natural order of the universe coordinates itself into. The double helix structure of DNA (representing biological evolution) and the spiral structure of a galaxy (representing universal evolution) – here, the spiral refers to the evolution of dog training and philosophy – pairing of dog & handler – speed and form; strength whose spiral double helix structure (dog & handler) allows them to get stronger through the generations/methods.
Spiral energy is what connects spiral beings to the universe. The energy that the pair synergistically create.
I apologize for the rambling explanation whether you like the name or not, I think the spiral is an interesting symbol for what your doing.

Posted by Deanna Alko on April 03, 2013

Or you could call it what it is, which is creative randomization.

Posted by Lori Drouin on April 04, 2013

Agilience :D

Posted by Martina Schoppe on April 04, 2013

oh, oh, another great one!

Posted by Roberta on April 03, 2013

Love the OB-ILITY or the O-BILITY and think this solves your problem!!! :):):)

Posted by Deb on April 03, 2013

I agree with Thomas. In interest of keeping the peace in your field of work, I don’t think the hyphen will suffice. JMHO. And, people who like your training methods will want to work with you and learn about it, no matter what you call it.

Posted by Sharon Hall on April 03, 2013

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