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Denise Fenzi


Welcome to The Dog Athlete Welcome The Dog Athlete is owned by Denise Fenzi, a recognized expert in the field of drive building and motivation for performance dogs. Denise knows exactly how to bring out the best in a dog through the use of excellent nutrition, correct training aids, and “dog friendly” training techniques. Rather than carrying every possible choice on the market, Denise’s experience has allowed her to narrow her product line down to the very best; everything you find here has a specific purpose and is of the highest quality available. Please note: at this time we are unable to ship outside the United States. If you are unsure about what products make sense for your dog, read her articles, Playing with Prey Drive: The Key to Attitude and Enthusiasm in Performance Dogs and Selecting the Best Toys to Motivate and Train Your Performance Dog or check out Denise's Blog. If after reading the articles you are still unsure about the best approach to building drive in your dog, considering attending one of her Seminars. Thanks for visiting our store. If you make a purchase through The Dog Athlete, you can expect excellent products paired with excellent service. Same day shipping is typical of most orders. If you have feedback or want to know more about a specific product, feel free to contact Denise at denise.fenzi@gmail.com. And if you're a performance trainer who chooses to train with motivational training techniques, be sure to visit the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Here you can take ON-LINE classes from highly qualified instructors worldwide, under the schools of obedience, nosework, IPO, Tracking, Dog Behavior, and Ringsport! Visit:FenziDogSportsAcademy.com to learn more!