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Denise Fenzi

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (on-line)

For On-Line classes (available worldwide) go to our on-line Fenzi Dog Sports Academy at:   www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy was developed to provide extremely high quality information, worldwide, regarding the most current and progressive methods of dog training for competition dogs; otherwise known as “sport” dogs.

Our primary goal is education above certification.  We believe that by focusing on education and very concrete training  information, dog sports can progress to the most science based and humane methods possible.  As a science based, motivational trainer, Denise feels strongly about providing this information to others to assist them in developing flexible, warm, supportive partnerships with their canine dog sport companions.  Dogs are not playthings; they are thinking, breathing, feeling creatures – pets first and foremost.  Dog sports allow us to take our pets and develop relationships that many of us never dreamed possible, but only if training is done with ultimate respect for both members of the team; dog and handler.

Philosophically, we do not believe that “purely positive” exists, so we do not use that term.  Instead, we follow the “least invasive minimally aversive” philosophy for the training of dog sports.  All of our courses will be taught in a manner which respects the well being and emotional comfort of both halves of the team, not just the handler.  We will not teach pain compliance techniques in our courses.  We do not, however, hold our students responsible for signing a pledge or in any other way specifying what a trainer should or should not do in a specific situation, nor will we guarantee that a student of our school will not make decisions that we do not agree with.

Instead, we  will provide the knowledge that a trainer will need to avoid using compulsion in either the training or the proofing phases of dog sport preparation.  We will offer “core” courses that lay out a plan for raising a cooperative sport dog and strong working partner – right from the beginning.  This core involves both specific exercises for the team as well as academic learning for the handler.  Next, we will offer classes for teaching the specific exercises found in dog sports, without compulsion.  Finally, we will offer courses on proofing, trial preparation, stress management, and reading your dog that will allow you to take your partner into competition – thoroughly trained and eager to be there with you.  At every step of the program, our students will be encouraged to study the dog in front of them.  You will not be given a set of textbook recipes.  Instead, you will learn to train based on what the dog’s skills and behavior are telling you is the correct course of action.

As one progresses through the courses, the plan for excellence should become clear – understand dog behavior, develop excellent training skills for whatever sports interest you, and master the requirements for taking a dog into the world of competition. 

For both the handler and the dog, training should be a journey, not a destination.  Open your mind, develop your skills and see where the journey takes you.

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If you are seriously interested in furthering your dog sports education, either as a hobbyist or as a professional trainer, Fenzi Academy has a good deal to offer you.

The quality of our instructors is unbeatable.  All of our instructors have three things in common: 1) they are thoroughly familiar with dog sports as active trainers or competitors, 2) They are are patient and kind with both humans and canines and 3) they have been hand picked by Denise Fenzi for their in depth knowledge and skill at their chosen subjects.  In the case of core courses with a heavy science or theoretical basis, they are also likely to posssess a Ph.D and are highly qualified and experienced at teaching these academic subjects.

Without leaving your home (or your job!) you can take one course at a time, concentrating on a topic for only six weeks without disrupting your life or committing to a long term program.  To see how the classes work, visit our sample classroom:  http://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/index.php/sample-course

Our courses are designed to give you a path to your goals.  Instead of taking random courses that someone else thinks you need, you can select courses, based on detailed descriptions, that exactly meet your interests and goals.

Our courses are affordable.  Depending on the level of participation you select, you will pay about the same price as a local class with a world class trainer. At the Gold level, you can submit regular questions and videos, to ensure you aren't going  in the wrong direction.  You also have access to world class instructors - not simply the trainer who lives closest to you.  You will encounter no weather cancellations, travel expenses or "missed" classes.  If you choose to take full advantage of the courses we offer, the value is unbeatable.  if money is a significant issue, you can have access to all of the materials at the Bronze level for $65 per class - this includes all of the lecture, demonstration video, student homework videos, and ongoing discussion topics in the forum.  This is significantly more information than you would be able to obtain through a DVD or a series of books for the same price!  If finances still pose a burden, we'd encourage you to apply for a scholarship - if you are serious about getting information, we are serious about providing you with the help you need. Our scholarships cover half the cost of a bronze level class subscription.

Our classes are perfect for reactive, shy, or aggressive dogs that aren't ready for a class setting, without the expense of ongoing private lessons.  Further, you can take classes right here to help you work through these issues!

Fenzi Academy is the only training school for sport dogs that teaches motivation based (R+) training from start to finish.  Our instructors have the experience and knowledge to take you through all aspects of training without compulsion, not just the beginning steps, but the proofing and trial preparation steps as well.  Instructors with this information are few and far between in many dogs sports, and they are here to help you on your journey as well.

In short, you can gain a tremendous amount of information from world class R+ trainers, regardless of where you live, what dog you are training, or when you are able to study.

Here is the schedule of classes for the on-line academy:http://fenzidogsportsacademy.com/index.php/schedule-and-syllabus

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If you need a scholarship, please follow this link to learn more and apply!:  http://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/index.php/scholarships