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Denise Fenzi
Product Image Stitched Leather Tug (soft or hard)

Stitched Leather Tug (soft or hard)


The Stitched Leather Tug comes in soft and hard versions. The Soft Stitched Leather Tug is single stitched and the hard version is double stitched, resulting in a firmer tug. Handmade, these tugs are easy to stuff in a pocket or waistband, and the Hard Stitched Leather Tug is particularly durable. The light color of these tugs will not stain your clothes when they get slobbery. These toys come with a handle. This is one of our most popular training toys for agility and obedience trainers. The toy is appropriate for dogs with moderately soft to hard bites.

Flat Stitched Leather tug.

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